Friday Wasilla Fred Meyers Theft Interdiction Operation Makes 9 Arrests

At noon on Friday, the Palmer Criminal Suppression Unit initiated a retail theft interdiction at the Wasilla Fred Meyers in response to the increasing level of property-based criminal activity.

The Unit conducted its operation with the cooperation and assistance of the Fred Meyer Asset Protection Unit, the Wasilla Police Department, Palmer Judicial Services, SCIU and Palmer CAIU.

Throughout the operation on Friday, troopers say that 21 contacts were made, of those contacts, nine would result in arrests.

Those arrested on Theft IV charges were:

  • Tiffany Lowe, 31
  • Karl Sampson, 32
  • Thomas Brinkley, 18
  • Weslee Haynes, 25
  • Nicholas Haynes, 26
  • Joshua Ogle, 42
  • Slade Storud, 22
  • Two male juveniles, ages 16 and 17

N. Haynes was additionally charged with Misconduct Involving Weapons and Disorderly Conduct, W. Haynes was also charged with Disorderly Conduct.

The juveniles were charged with Theft IV and released to their parent, five of the offenders were charged and released, while W. Haynes had his bail set at $500 and N. Haynes had his bail set at $1,000.