New Stuyahok Teen Back in Jail after Brief Escape

A New Stuyahok teen is back in jail following an escape that gained him a few hours of freedom and an added charge of escape, it was reported by the trooper dispatch on Thursday.

19-year-old Devin Andrew, who had threatened the families of two of the community’s VPSOs while in custody, escaped from the local New Stuyahok jail just before 3 pm on Wednesday. 

Troopers from Dillingham immediately flew to the village in a chartered aircraft to assist in the search of the escapee.

AST say that after several hours of searching, Andrew was located back at his residence, where he had been arrested hours before on Assault IV DV charges. When located, Andrew was cold, but otherwise uninjured.

The suspect was transported to Dillingham and remanded on charges of Escape, Assault IV DV, and Criminal Mischief.