8.2 Magnitude Quake Strikes Gulf of Alaska, Tsunami Warnings are in Effect

A 7.9 magnitude earthquake downgraded from 8.2 magnitude was generated in the Gulf of Alaska at 12:31 am early Tuesday morning and Tsunami Warnings were issued from Attu Island to the B.C./Washington border.

The quake occurred 6.2 miles beneath the sea floor 161 miles to the southeast of Kodiak according to preliminary reports.

Tsunami.gov reports that the warning is in effect for British Columbia, Southeast Alaska, South Alaska and Alaska Peninsula, and the Aleutian Islands.

A watch is in effect for California, Oregon, and Washington.

First tsunami activity is forecasted to begin on Kodiak Island at approximately 1:45 am AST. Sirens continue to sound in that island community. 300 to 400 vehicles have gathered at the high school as the siren continues.

The Homer Spit has been evacuated according to reports, and the highway out of Seward is very congested as residents move toward Bear  Creek, as buoy 46410 northeast of the epicenter registered a 32-foot spike in water elevation. This while the buoy adjacent did not show that increase, pointing to a possible malfunction.

Times for other communities are as follows:

Seward, Alaska – 155 AM
Elfin Cove, Alaska – 155 AM
Sitka, Alaska – 200 AM
Yakutat, Alaska – 205 AM
Langara, British Columbia – 210 AM
Valdez, Alaska – 215 AM
Sand Point, Alaska – 220 AM
Cordova, Alaska – 225 AM
Unalaska, Alaska – 240 AM
Homer, Alaska – 255 AM.
Craig, Alaska – 300 AM
Cold Bay, Alaska – 300 AM
Adak, Alaska – 305 AM
Tofino, British Columbia – 340 AM
Shemya, Alaska – 350 AM
Saint Paul, Alaska – 400 AM

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Further information is currently unavailable as most pertinent websites that provide information are currently unresponsive.

Update: At 3:12 am, the National Tsunami Center in Palmer downgraded the Tsunami warning to an advisory. Measurements around several coastal areas of the state showed a fluctuation of approximately .5 to .7  feet.