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  • Troopers Investigate Friday Murder/Attempted Suicide in Akiachak Sep 16, 2019
    Troopers say a murder/attempted suicide in Akiachak remains under investigation with the suspect now in Seattle undergoing treatment for a shotgun blast on Friday night. According to the investigation into the Friday night rural incident, two brothers in that community, Tom and Robert Snyder, 36 and 32 respectively, reportedly got into an argument over alcohol […]
  • Iran Threatens War, as Oil Prices Spike Sep 16, 2019
    LONDON – Analysts warn that Saturday’s drone attack on two Saudi oil facilities, which appear to have shattered the prospect of a rapprochement between Tehran and Washington, could push the price of a barrel of oil as high as $100. The drone strike came as it emerged that U.S. President Donald Trump had been thinking […]
  • Nogales CBP Officers Arrest 4 US Citizens and Seize $695K in Narcotics Sep 16, 2019
    TUCSON, Ariz. – U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Office of Field Operations officers at the Port of Nogales arrested four U.S. citizens in failed drug smuggling attempts of heroin and fentanyl over the last several days. On September 6, CBP officers at the DeConcini Crossing referred a 45-year-old woman for further inspection of her Mazda sedan, […]
  • North Pole Woman Held without Bail Following Disturbance Investigation Sep 16, 2019
    A North Pole woman deemed to be trespassing in a family member’s home on Sunday night and was arrested and held without bail, troopers reported. Fairbanks-based Troopers responded to a Dennis Road address in North Pole at 11:34 pm on Sunday night after receiving a call that 38-year-old North Pole woman Manuela Vazquez Feiler creating […]
  • Trump: US is ‘Locked and Loaded’ to Respond to Saudi Oil Attack Sep 16, 2019
    WHITE HOUSE – U.S. President Donald Trump says American forces are ‘locked and loaded’ to respond to the fiery attacks on one of Saudi Arabia’s largest oil fields and the world’s biggest crude oil stabilization facility. “There is reason to believe we know the culprit,” Trump tweeted late Sunday. He added he is waiting to […]
  • September 16th, 1929 Sep 16, 2019
  • Native American ‘Aunties’ Raise Funds to Feed Migrants Sep 16, 2019
    WASHINGTON – A group of Native American women from several tribes in Oklahoma have launched a nonprofit organization they’re calling the “Auntie Project: Native Women of Service.” Their goal is to help indigenous kids in need, beginning with child migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. The idea came to them in June, after hearing that the […]
  • How Long Does a Whale Feed? New Data Gives Insight Into Blue and Fin Whale Behavior Sep 15, 2019
    Photograph of fin whale taken during Oregon State University Marine Mammal Institute CORVALLIS, Ore. – Researchers using electronic tags were able to monitor blue and fin whales off the coast of Southern California over multiple weeks, providing new insight into the feeding behaviors of the two largest whale species. The researchers also found evidence of […]
  • The First Day of the Dinosaur Extinction Sep 15, 2019
    When the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs slammed into the planet 66 million years ago, the impact set wildfires, triggered tsunamis and blasted so much sulfur into the atmosphere that it blocked the sun, which caused the global cooling that ultimately doomed our giant predecessors. That’s the scenario scientists have hypothesized. Now, a new […]
  • Nenana Mother and Son Arrested During Warrant service Sep 15, 2019
    Troopers seeking a suspect who had failed to remand on a conviction spoke with his mother on Thursday evening in Nenana and informed her that she needed to contact AST when he returned home. When troopers and VPSO returned to Edna Hancock’s residence the following afternoon, she denied that her son, 36-year-old Fredrick Hancock, was […]

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