Ketchikan Volunteer Rescue Squad Work to get to Scene of Presumed Fatal Avalanche near Ketchikan

Alaska State Troopers revealed on Monday that recovery efforts are being attempted to get the Ketchikan volunteer rescue squad on the scene of an avalanche with a presumed fatality that occurred around noon on Sunday.

The unfortunate incident occurred on Dude Mountain outside Ketchikan as two men were out snowboarding the slope. The large avalanche let loose about 12 noon, burying one of the men, who has been identified as 39-year-old Marvin Scott, of Ketchikan.

The second snowboarder searched for his missing companion for about an hour before hiking out to an area where he could acquire cell phone service to call for help.

A Ketchikan Volunteer Rescue Squad response is being hindered by weather and efforts are currently underway to get the squad on site to search and discover Scott.

It is reported that both men were equipped with beacons at the time of the avalanche.

Scott’s next of kin has been notified of the incident.