Petersburg Teen Sentenced in Deer Ramming Case

Screenshot of deer from the Snapchat video connected to the February 5th incident.

Screenshot of deer from the Snapchat video connected to the February 5th incident.

Anchorage teen, Sebastian Davis, pleaded guilty in Petersburg Court in a wildlife harassment case that occurred in February and was sentenced AST reported in the trooper dispatch on Tuesday.

The plea comes after an Alaska Wildlife Trooper investigation that began on February 7th in Petersburg. It was determined after that investigation that Davis, while in his vehicle with another teen intentionally rammed two deer with his vehicle on February 5th.

It was a video of the incident that was posted by the passenger onto SnapChat that was seen and reported by a citizen that sparked the investigation. 

The teens told investigators that they were merely trying to scare the deer for fun and were not attempting to hit the deer, but the video contradicted their version of the incident. The two teens admitted to hitting another deer the night before on Sandy Beach Road. They allege that the deer jumped out in front of the truck. A person living in that area would later find the dead deer at that location.

After p guilty to Harassing Game and Taking Game with a Motorized Vehicle, Davis was sentenced to pay fines totaling $3000, 160 hours of community work service, loss of hunting and trapping privileges for 1 year, 30 days of suspended jail time, and probation for one year. 

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