Selawik Murder Suspect Indicted by Kotzebue Grand Jury

trooperarrestThe trooper dispatch, on Tuesday, announced that Selawik man, 39-year-old Christopher Cleveland was indicted by a Kotzebue Grand Jury on charges of Murder I, Murder II, Attempted Murder II, Assault III, and Burglary I for the incident that arose in the early morning hours of Monday, July 6th in that village.

It was at 4:42 on July 6 that Kotzebue-based troopers received a report that Cleveland had barricaded himself inside a residence there after allegedly shooting 23-year-old Wade Cleveland. This report was confirmed by the Village Police officer.

C. Cleveland told investigators that he and a group of people had been drinking R&R whiskey and homebrew at his home the night of the incident. The police officer had gone to the home at approximately 2 am, at which time he took C. Cleveland’s girlfriend from the home and to the police office to sober up.

The girlfriend would leave the office two hours later and return to Cleveland’s house, she had gone back  there to get her children, she reported. It was when the altercation between Cleveland and his girlfriend turned physical that Wade Cleveland, a distant relative stepped in. Cleveland threatened to get a gun, then did so, and began shooting. Cleveland told investigators that he remembers shooting at people but didn’t remember shooting W. Cleveland.

The village officer told investigators that Cleveland had fired approximately 10 rounds at him when he responded to the property and attempted to retrieve the downed victim from the sidewalk outside the residence. He took to the ground, and crawled to his ATV and left the area, then returned to try again. He was successful, despite Cleveland firing more shots at him, he told investigators. W. Cleveland was taken to a nearby apartment where attempts to revive him failed.

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Cleveland, out of bullets, went to the village store next door for more. Using an ax, he broke in but failed to find shells, and took cigarettes instead. Once home, he broke his rifle. He told investigators that if he had more bullets, he would have continued shooting.

Cleveland remained barricaded in the structure until 2:30 pm on that afternoon, before being taken into custody, and transported to Nome where he was placed in the Anvil Mountain Correctional Center.

Following his indictment on Friday, further charges were added bring the total  charges to 25 counts on Monday.

Cleveland’s next court date is set for September 9th in Kotzebue.