Skagway Fire Department Pulls Alaska Power and Telephone Vessel off the Rocks

The Skagway Fire Department successfully rescued an Alaska Power and Telephone vessel that was south of Skagway on Monday afternoon after it had run aground, the troopers reported on Tuesday.

According to the report issued today, the Skagway Fire Department notified troopers that a 26-foot aluminum  AP&T vessel was on the rocks six miles south of Skagway at 3:36 pm on Monday,  then set out in their search and rescue boat to aid the vessel.

They traveled to the scene and pulled the vessel, with AP&T employees, Lance Caldwell, Cory Nelson, and Jordon Frost, from the rocks.

The previously stranded vessel was able to make it back to Skagway under its own power, escorted by the search and rescue boat.

No injuries were reported.[xyz-ihs snippet=”Adsense-responsive”]