Troopers take Fairbanks Barricaded Man Who was Stabbing Himself into Custody

On Sunday night, Fairbanks-based troopers received a tip leading them to a man who escaped the North star center earlier in the month. The troopers responded to a hotel room where they believed that Jeremy Edwards, age 33, who had cut his ankle monitor off and walked away from the center on June 10th, was holed up.

But, Edwards had made statements, as he was barricaded in his room about shooting and stabbing responding troopers so NSERT was called out to address the apprehension of Edwards.

All attempts to talk Edwards into giving up were unsuccessful resulting in NSERT making entry into the room. Upon entry, they found Edwards actively stabbing himself and also observed several self-inflicted wounds.

Edwards was eventually talked into surrendering and EMTs provided medical assistance until the arrival of EMS. He was transported to the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital for treatment of his wounds and then turned over to the Fairbanks Correctional Center.