Two Aniak Charged with Felony DUI, Weapons Misconduct While out Boating

rural trooperTwo Aniak men were arrested by Alaska Wildlife Troopers on various charges, that included Felony DUI, Weapons Misconduct and Evading, after boating in the Aniak Slough on Tuesday.

Aniak-based wildlife troopers were notified by an off-duty VPSO in the community on Tuesday that he observed a boat, with three persons aboard, being operated while the occupants were under the influence of alcohol.

As a result of the notification, wildlife troopers attempted to contact the boaters. But the boaters would initially attempt to evade the wildlife trooper in the Aniak Slough.

Troopers were eventually able to contact the boaters, two of which were identified as 49-year-old Teddy Bobby and 27-year-old Andrew John, both of Aniak. The subsequent investigation would reveal that the two men had been operating the skiff while under the influence of alcohol as well as marijuana. Four loaded firearms were also located in the watercraft along with harvested animals.

Further investigation would find that both men had prior convictions for DUI making the current case Felony DUI.

Charges of Felony DUI and Misconduct Involving Weapons IV would be leveled at both Bobby and John. Additionally, John would be charged with Failure to Stop at the Direction of an Officer II.

Bobby would attend arraignment in Aniak court on Wednesday, but the arraignment was continued until Thursday. John was arraigned on the charges and appears again on May 15th for a preliminary hearing.