23-Year-Old Matthew Davis Charged with Manslaughter/DUI Charges following Multiple Collisions on Sunday Morning

Anchorage police, upon receiving multiple calls reporting a multi-vehicle collision at the East 15th/Cordova Street intersection, responded to the location along with medics and the Anchorage Fire Department at 1:49 am on Sunday morning.

The fire department extinguished a vehicle fire of a vehicle that had impacted a tree. The two occupants in the vehicle were declared deceased at the scene.

The preliminary investigation at the scene determined that 23-year-old Matthew Davis, while driving  Toyota Tacoma had initially collided with a Toyota Corolla at the intersection of 6th Avenue and Cordova Street and then departed the scene southbound.

He got as far as the 15th Avenue intersection before ramming into the Corolla causing it to crash into the tree and catch fire. He also left that accident scene as well and continued southbound on Cordova. Immediately after, Davis ran head-on into a Dodge Ram stopped at a light.

When found, Davis had minor injuries and so was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

The investigation into the incidents continued for several hours and portions of Cordova Street was closed down to traffic.

During his evaluation at the hospital, observations were made that led officers to believe Davis was under the influence of controlled substances.

Following his release from the hospital, Davis was taken into custody on DUI and Manslaughter charges and remanded to the Anchorage Jail.