Agencies Search for Overdue Aeronca Champion Aircraft Bound for Sutton from Valdez

2006 ABPic of the aircraft parked at Lake Hood.
2006 ABPic of the aircraft parked at Lake Hood.

AST says that poor weather is hampering the search by Alaska Rescue Coordination Center, Civil Air Patrol (CAP), US Coast Guard, Alaska State Troopers, and Alaska Army National Guard for an overdue aircraft that departed Valdez on Monday evening.

The aircraft, a red and white Aeronca Champion aircraft with the tail number N4340C, departed Valdez at approximately 5 PM, with the destination of Sutton. The aircraft, piloted by Andy Andersen, age 38 of Sutton, never arrived by its appointed time of 6:30 pm, and troopers notified AKRCC of the overdue aircraft.

Anderson was traveling alone at the time of his disappearance.

Searching is taking place as weather permits but poor weather is hampering search efforts.