63-Year-Old Dirt Bike Driver Arrested on Multiple Charges after Eluding Troopers on Alaska Highway


A 63-year-old Tok man driving a dirt bike erratically on the Alaska highway was arrested on various charges after he attempted to elude troopers on Tuesday evening, AST reports.

Troopers saw a blue and white dirt bike at mile 1315 of the Alaska Highway at 5:12 pm on Tuesday and because he was driving erratically elected to pull him over. But, instead of pulling over, the dirt bike sped away down the bike path to a nearby residence.

When troopers searched the property they located the driver identified as Patrick Cleary. As troopers were placing Cleary under arrest, he resisted but was ultimately taken into custody. After his arrest, Cleary was transported to the Tok post for a data master test which returned an blood alcohol level of .199%. As a result he was booked for DUI. He was also charged with Failure to Stop at the Direction of a Police Officer II and Resisting Arrest. He was also issued multiple traffic citations for the incident.

He was later released on his own recognizance.