Two Days, Two Domestic Violence Assaults against same Victim on South Tongass Highway

Ketchikan-based troopers were called out on a domestic violence call at 9:18 pm along the South Tongass Highway on Monday night.

They investigated at the scene and that investigation revealed that 51-year-old Jayson Thayne of Idaho assaulted a female at the residence. As a result, Thayne was taken into custody, charged with Assault IV-DV and transported to the Ketchikan Jail where he was remanded.

On Tuesday, Thayne, who has no Alaska criminal history, appeared before Judge Kristian Pickrell and pled guilty at 1 pm. He was given conditions of release and soon was out of jail.

Within hours, at 4:49 pm on Tuesday, troopers received another call from the South Tongass Highway address reporting domestic violence and responded to the scene.

Upon arrival, troopers found that once again, Thayne had committed Assault IV-DV against the same victim.

Once again, Thayne was charged and transported to the Ketchikan Jail where he remains without bail.

He will be arraigned again on Wednesday.