7.0 Magnitude Strikes Japan’s Southern-most Island

Earthquakes continue on the southern-most of Japan's main islands Friday. Image-USGS
Earthquakes continue on the southern-most of Japan’s main islands Friday. Image-USGS

Another quake, this one measured at a magnitude of 7.0, struck the Japanese Island of Kyushu this morning, two days after a previous quake measuring 6.2 struck the region, killing nine and inuring over 1,000. This most recent quake struck just eight miles south of the epicenter of the earlier earthquake.

For a short time, the quake prompted the issuing of a Tsunami alert, but those alerts and advisories have since been lifted.

More than 44,000 people of the 13 million on the island, sought shelter in community centers and schools  following Thursday’s quake that de-railed a bullet train, and damaged highways and buildings.

Hundreds of aftershocks have plagued the area following the initial earthquake and Japanese authorities warn that there may still be significant quakes to come.[xyz-ihs snippet=”Adsense-responsive”]