7.8 Magnitude Quake South of Chignik Prompts Widespread Tsunami Warning


A large earthquake occurred 75 miles to the south of Chignik at 10:13 pm on Tuesday night prompting a widespread tsunami alert throughout south-central Alaska, the Alaska Peninsula, and the Aleutian Chain.

The earthquake was updated to 7.8 magnitude from the initial report of 7.4. Aftershocks continued in the Alaska Peninsula area and by midnight eight additional quakes occurred ranging from 2.8 to 6.1 in magnitude. The earthquake is reported to be the result of a fault thrust in the subduction zone that runs south along the Aleutian Chain and the Alaska Peninsula. Quakes in the region are common.

Phone alerts were sent to phones throughout the area warning residents of the possibility of a tsunami and people throughout the area headed for higher ground all around the region.

Thus far no damage has been reported in the affected area.

At the time of this posting the warning remains in effect.

UPDATE: Tsunami.gov cancelled the warning at 12:23 am. The only observation noted was a wave of .8 ft in Sand Point.