After Extensive Search Three Levelock Travelers Located Safely

A ground and air search Monday and Tuesday concluded successfully after all three travelers traveling between Levelock and Naknek, were located safely, troopers reported on Tuesday.

On Monday afternoon the Bristol Bay Borough Police dispatch contacted AST and informed troopers that three Levelock residents, Danielle Dobkins, Ivon Washington, and Paul Chukwak, had broken down with their ATV while traveling in the area between Levelock and Naknek. Troopers were informed that after the initial communication, police were unable to re-establish contact.

Troopers contacted the Levelock village president, and four ATVs with ground searchers were dispatched to search for the trio. Ground searchers located two of the travelers in an abandoned cabin at approximately 1:30 am early Tuesday morning. Chukwak was not with the other two travelers.

According to the two located Levelock residents, they had departed Naknek at approximately 11 am on Sunday to travel to their home village. By evening, their ATV had broken down. They decided to remain with the broken down vehicle, and built a small fire to stay warm.

On Monday, the three set out on foot, but, before long, Chukwak “complained about his leg hurting and had sat down and refused to continue,” troopers reported.

Wildlife Troopers, while conducting an aerial search, located Chukwak just after 9 am on Tuesday morning. When contacted, Chukwak reported no injuries.