Anchorage Cabdriver Robbed at Gunpoint, Stuffed in Trunk

APD is investigating the robbery and injury of a cab driver that occurred late Thursday night near the Ulu Factory.

A cab driver called into the Anchorage Police dispatch at 10:15 pm on Thursday night to report that he had been robbed at gunpoint after being called to the Ulu Factory address in downtown Anchorage.

Police responded to the cab driver who was parked in front of a local downtown bar. The officers opened an investigation and took a statement from the driver, who told them that he had been dispatched to the Ulu Factory to aid a person reporting that they had locked their keys in their vehicle.

When the driver arrived at the location downtown, he was flagged down by three individuals. When the driver exited his vehicle and went to the back and opened the trunk to retrieve tools, a male and a suspected female pushed him into the trunk.[xyz-ihs snippet=”adsense-body-ad”]The driver said that the male and female punched him repeatedly before the male choked him then pulled a firearm and pointed it at him as he was robbed of his cell phone, wallet, and money.

After robbing him, the duo attempted to lock him in the trunk, but his legs blocked the trunk latch. As the robbers drove from the scene, the driver was able to crawl out of the trunk.

The cab driver described his attackers as a black or Hispanic in his early 20s. The victim said he suspects that the other attacker was a female because of the voice. He also reported another person at the scene, but that person had no contact with the victim. The driver had no description of that person.

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The driver, who had visible injuries was evaluated by EMTs.