Anchorage Car Thief Caught after Passing Out on Drugs on Dead End Street

On Tuesday afternoon a caller on Russell Circle near Hillside Drive in south Anchorage reported his blue 2015 Mercedes had been stolen while it had been parked in front of the residence. The caller reported the keys were not in the vehicle but wasn’t sure if the vehicle was locked or not.

About ten hours later, at 1:58 am early Wednesday morning, an APD officer on patrol north of midtown spotted a vehicle that fit the description of the stolen car parked at the dead-end of 20th Avenue just past Karluk Street at Woodside Park. A closer inspection observed the driver passed out behind the wheel. The officer called in backup.

Because the license plate wasn’t visible, the VIN was checked and the vehicle was confirmed to be the one stolen the afternoon prior.

Additional officers arrived at the scene and provided additional blocking and a flashlight was shown into the driver’s eyes which roused him. Despite commands to stop and put his hands up, the driver, now identified as 30-year-old Alexander M. Perue, continued to reach around in the vehicle before putting the vehicle in gear and attempting to break free of the block. After failing that, Perue jumped out and attempted to flee on foot. He failed at that as well and was caught a short distance away.

“Officers noticed signs of drug-induced impairment,” APD stated. Perue was taken to the station where he was given STFTs and also provided a breath sample. The sample showed zero alcohol. A warrant for a draw of blood was requested and granted.

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Officers that remained behind at the scene were granted permission by the owner to search the vehicle and evidence including drugs were found.

APD found that Perdue had two misdemeanor and two felony warrants outstanding. He was additionally charged with Fail to Stop, Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance V, Resisting, Theft II, Vehicle Theft I, and Driving under the Influence. 

He was remanded to the Anchorage Jail.