Anchorage Cellphone Thief with Multiple Unrelated Warrants Sought by Anchorage Police


22-year-old Tre’Donnis R. Washington. Image-State of Alaska
22-year-old Tre’Donnis R. Washington. Image-State of Alaska

APD revealed on Thursday that the previous day, Wednesday, they obtained an arrest warrant on charges of Robbery II and Theft III for a suspect identified as 22-year-old Tre’Donnis R. Washington in connection to the theft of an iPhone X in the parking lot of the McDonalds at 800 West Northern Lights that occurred on January 13th.

According to the report, a patrol officer responded to the location after the victim called into the department at 6:34 pm that January day.

When the responding officer interviewed the victim,  it was found that the victim was attempting to sell his cell phone on Craigslist and the suspect contacted him and they set up a meet at McDonald’s. When they initially met, the victim said, they went inside and the suspect manipulated the phone and as a result, the battery indicated it needed a charge. 

The victim and suspect went out to the parking lot and the suspect plugged the phone into the charger in the truck he arrived in. As they waited for the phone to charge up, the suspect, who was sitting on the passenger side, closed the door and told the victim, who was outside the truck, to leave.

The vehicle then proceeded to drive off, but the victim jumped onto the running boards as the truck drove around the parking lot. It was then that the suspect punched the victim through the open window. The truck came to a stop and the suspect jumped out and challenged the victim to a fight before leaving the scene.

The officer was able to obtain an image of the suspect from surveillance footage and he transmitted the image to fellow officers. One of those officers recognized the suspect as Washington.

A further check of Washington’s criminal history would find that he had two prior warrants for his arrest, the first for Assault IV and Burglary II and the second for shoplifting at the 5th Avenue Mall at the end of January.

Washington is described as standing 5-foot 9-inches tall and weighing 160 pounds. He has black hair and brown eyes and has two teardrop tattoos under his right eye.

Anyone with information regarding Tre’Donnis’ whereabouts is asked to call Police Dispatch at 3-1-1 (option #1).  To remain anonymous you may contact Crime Stoppers at 561-STOP or online at