Anchorage Credit Union 1 Teller Sentenced for Embezzlement

U.S Attorney Karen Loeffler of the Justice Department, announced today that a former employee of Credit Union 1, was sentenced to one year in jail for embezzling on Tuesday.

According to the release issued on Wednesday, 23-year-old Shanice Mano, of Anchorage, accessed a customer’s account and transferred $100,000 from their account into another account that she had control over while she worked as a teller at the bank.

After transferring the funds into her account, she proceeded to spend approximately $20,000 of the stolen funds. The FBI, the agency that investigated the case, was able to recover approximately $80,000 of the purloined money.

At sentencing, Chief Justice Timothy Burgess noted that “Mano’s crime was well planned and deliberate and that over the course of several days she stole money that had taken the victim’s years to save.”

Mano was also ordered to pay restitution for the portion of the funds that was not recovered by the FBI.