Anchorage Drug Trafficker Who Caused Death of Woman Sentenced

In an announcement on Monday, U.S. Attorney Karen Loeffler stated that convicted drug trafficker, 51-year-old Dwight Williams had been sentenced in U.S. District Court for his part in a methamphetamine and heroin distribution conspiracy that led to the death of a young Anchorage woman.

Williams went before District Court Judge Timothy Burgess, where he received a sentence of 262 months, or 21.83 years in prison. Following his release from prison, Williams must undergo an additional five years of supervised release. His Cadillac Escalade was also seized as drug proceeds and the vehicle he used to facilitate his distribution.

Just prior to the overdose death of the young woman, only identified as S.C., Williams had allegedly sold 14 grams of methamphetamine valued at almost $1,400 earlier in 2013.

Then, in August of 2013, Williams took the young woman to a hotel in the Anchorage area and supplied her with heroin. The heroin that he gave the woman would result in her death.

Williams had several different versions of what transpired. He told the 911 operator that he awoke to find the woman dead in his bed. He would tell investigators that he found her in the room dead, and then later would say that he had not been at the scene at the time of her death as he was out running errands.

But, hotel security cameras would tell a different story. Williams was caught on camera, at the time of the woman’s death, taking something to his vehicle which he dropped off, went to the hotel lobby then returned to his room.  It was only at that time that Williams called 911.

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Within three days, Williams would be back on the streets dealing again. DOJ attorneys say that “On August 29, 2013, Williams and a co-conspirator traveled to another hotel in Anchorage where the group rented a room. Williams arrived at the hotel on that date already in possession of both heroin and methamphetamine that he and his associates intended to distribute.” They had over 100 grams of heroin and 30 grams of methamphetamine according to court records.

Anchorage police would bust Williams and his accomplice in the parking lot of the Econ Inn on 5th Avenue as they were passing drugs between themselves.

DEA, APD and Homeland Security conducted the investigation that would culminate in Williams going to prison.