Anchorage DUI Driver Arrested after String of Incidences


A sequence of events would lead Anchorage police to a drunk driver who would be additionally charged with leaving the scene of an accident and driving with a revoked license.

APD was informed at 9:50 pm on Wednesday evening by a caller reporting that a driver in a blue Honda Civic had just driven through their yard on the 3100-block of South Circle in Anchorage.

Within minutes of that call, another would come in reporting “a blue vehicle being driven recklessly on O’Malley near Lake Otis,” APD reported.

Then, at 10:01 pm, a man driving a black Porche reported that he had been northbound on Minnesota on the C Street overpass when he was rear-ended by a blue Honda Civic. 

The driver of the  Porche reported that the Civic eventually passed him and the caller said he followed the suspect vehicle to Minnesota just before Tudor. There the suspect, who appeared intoxicated, pulled over, and when he got out of his vehicle, dropped his wallet.

The suspect driver was picked up by a silver Toyota Corolla and the vehicle drove off. When police arrived at the scene on Minnesota, they retrieved the wallet and the driver of the Porche confirmed that the driver was the person depicted on the ID in the wallet. 41-year-old Reggie Joseph was identified by the document.

As the officers were investigating the collision, dispatch received another call reporting that two men were in an altercation on the 3000-block  of West 33rd Avenue. The address coincided with the address on the Civic’s registration.

Police responded to that address to find Joseph in the driveway and the driver of the Corolla still at the location. When asked, the Corolla driver denied knowing Joseph and said he had “decided to give Joseph a ride when he saw Joseph pulled over with a vehicle that appeared to be disabled,” police said. Once at the address, both Joseph and the driver exited the vehicle and were going into the residence when they got into the altercation and Joseph pushed the other man down the steps. The man stated he was not injured and refused to press charges.

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Joseph was arrested at the scene and was charged with DUI, DWLR, and Leaving the Scene of a Crash. He was remanded to the Anchorage Jail.