Anchorage Man Jailed after Attacking Juveniles with Knife

A 25-year-old Anchorage man was arrested on multiple assault charges after two juveniles were injured in an altercation involving a knife at the Taku Lake Park on Tuesday evening.

According to the report, a man on a bike, later identified as Christian Scherch, approached three juveniles at the park. Initial indications show that the man and the juveniles, all had been drinking, and did not know each other.

An altercation broke out and Scherch punched Juvenile #1 several times knocking him out. When juveniles #2 and #3 attempted to stop the assault, Scherch produced a knife and began swinging it around slicing juvenile #2 on his hands as he protected his face. All four involved left immediately after.

When juveniles #2 and #3 went to juvenile #2’s home, a family member called police and the injured juvenile was taken to the hospital for treatment of his injuries.

When family members of juvenile #1 heard of the assault, they went out looking for him and found him passed out near Abbott Road. They took him home and called police and he was transported to the hospital for treatment of his head injuries.

Police were able to identify Scherch and went to his residence and placed him under arrest on charges of Assault II and III x3.