Anchorage Man Sentenced to 64 Years for 2014 Sexual, Physical Assaults

Anchorage man, Travis Felder was sentenced to 64 years in prison for Crimes in 2014. Image-Facebook profiles
Anchorage man, Travis Felder was sentenced to 64 years in prison for Crimes in 2014. Image-Facebook profiles

The Anchorage District Attorney’s office revealed that Anchorage man, Travis Felder, of Anchorage, was sentenced to 64 years for a series of nine crimes he committed in 2014, that included Sexual Assault I and Assault I.

During his trial, it was revealed that Felder had sexually assaulted, and physically assaulted, his ex-girlfriend at a storage unit on the 2200-block of Gambell Street on June 18th.

Following the assaults, Felder’s victim fled to the manager’s office and reported the attack. During that time, Felder cut power to the storage complex, effectively shutting down the surveillance cameras, then fled the area, wearing just a black bra and women’s Capri pants, APD reported.

Then a little later, another person called in to police to report that a man dressed as a woman walked into his  home, went upstairs and laid down in the caller’s bed. In an attempt to get the man to leave his home, offered to give him a ride, and took him to the Northern Lights and Maplewood area. Based on the description, police suspected it was Felder.

Then, at 10:20 am, APD received a call from the East 20th and Lake Otis area reported that a black man wearing only a black bra walked into their home while the homeowner and his wife, both in their mid-60s, were watching their seven-year-old grandson. 

After entering the home, the owners reported that the suspect began masturbating. The two people asked Felder to leave, at which time Felder punched the woman in the jaw, knocking her down and causing back injuries. Following that attack, Felder kicked the man in the chest. The two fled their home with their grandson, and called police. While they fled, Felder took a shower and dressed himself in a pair of the homeowner’s pajamas.When police arrived, they found Felder in the home. Outside, they found the Capri pants that Felder was formerly wearing, in a tree near the victims’ home.[xyz-ihs snippet=”adsense-body-ad”]The jury came back with a verdict after 17 days of trial. He was found guilty of Sexual Assault I, Assault I, two counts of Assault II, Assault III, two counts of Assault IV, and two counts of Criminal Trespass I.

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“Superior Court Judge Michael Wolverton found that the State proved four separate aggravating factors based on Felder’s prior criminal history. Judge Wolverton rejected the mitigating factors proposed by Felder,” the District Attorney stated.

Felder ultimately received 47 years in prison for the sexual and physical assault of his ex-girlfriend, and 17 years for his actions at 20th and Lake Otis. Felder also had an additional 27 years imposed upon him, which was suspended. He is also required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

Prior to this case, Felder already had an extensive criminal record. He was convicted of manslaughter, assault, robbery and evidence tampering after a plea agreement in a 1992 case. He had been originally charged with Murder in that case. He was sentenced to 30 years in jail, with 13 of those years suspended.

Felder has been in custody since his arrest in 2014.