Anchorage Shoplifter Charged with Robbery after Brandishing Firearm at Carr’s Officer


A shoplifter at Carrs Aurora Village on West Northern Lights was charged with robbery after brandishing a firearm at a Loss Prevention Officer on Saturday, APD reported.

According to the report, 31-year-old Donald Maki went into the Carrs store at 1650 West Northern Lights on Saturday afternoon and grabbed items from the shelves and then walked out of the store without paying for them. Outside, he was confronted by an LPO and handed over items. But, then, he pulled out a gun and brandished it before climbing into his Jeep and driving off.

The LPO called in the incident, gave a description of the suspect and vehicle including its license plate info. Police quickly ascertained the identity of the suspect.

Soon after, APD received a tip that Maki was at the Motel 6 on A Street and responded to the area. They quickly spotted the black Jeep Wrangler parked on the westside of the motel. and took action to set up their vehicles to block it in. But, Maki spotted them, revved his engine, and jumped the curb. He drove on the sidewalk before heading down A Street towards International.

Officers gave chase but soon terminated it because of Maki’s reckless and dangerous driving.

Officers managed to reach Maki on his phone at which time Maki agreed to give himself up at his residence. Police responded and took him into custody.

After being interviewed at the department, Maki was charged with Robbery I, Assault III, Theft IV, and Fail to Stop and remanded to the Anchorage Jail.