Anchorage Suspect Apprehended after Fleeing Scene of Attempted Carjacking at DeBarr Intersection

On Friday evening Anchorage police responded to the intersection of Bragaw and DeBarr Road following a call reporting an attempted car jacking. The caller also gave police a description of the suspect which assisted police in apprehending the suspect.

When officers were responding to the scene they observed a man, later identified as 30-year-old Warren T. Ulroan, running eastbound on DeBarr. In turn, Ulroan saw the patrol officer with lights and siren and crossed DeBarr running southbound. But, his flight was short-lived when he tripped and fell over the median and was apprehended.

The non-compliant Ulroan had to be removed from the roadway for his own safety, police said. Police also at that time observed that Ulroan had existing injuries.

Once on the sidewalk Ulroan continued to resist as officers worked to cuff him. Ulroan kept attempting to bite the officers as they worked to restrain him. When cuffed, the suspect continued resisting kicking at the police. Full restraint warnings were given and ignored and Ulroan was placed in full restraints.

When medics arrived and tried to evaluate Ulroan’s injuries, he tried to bite both the medics and officers.

The preliminary investigation at the scene found that Ulroan had attempted to open the door of a vehicle stopped at the DeBarr intersection and when unsuccessful, began punching the window. The driver exited his vehicle and an altercation ensued, after which, the driver got back into his vehicle and drove off.

Ulroan was charged with Resisting, Pedestrian Interference, Reckless Endangerment, and Disorderly Conduct and remanded to the Anchorage jail.

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