Anchorage Traveler stopped in St Marys, 19 Bottles of Vodka Seized

alcohol importationAlaska State Troopers contacted a 20-year-old Anchorage man in St Marys when the flight made a stop-over there on its way from Anchorage to Alakanuk on Wednesday, the trooper dispatch reported.

Troopers stopped Joey Buster during a scheduled lay-over in St Mary after receiving a report of alcohol importation from the airlines. Troopers believe that Buster was importing alcohol into Alakanuk, which is a local option community that prohibits the importation of alcohol.

The airlines was alerted when one of the bottles of vodka in Buster’s luggage broke, soaking the other contents of the luggage. When that occured, troopers say that the contents of the luggage was “readily apparent.”

Troopers seized 19 bottles of vodka that Buster was transporting.

Criminal charges in the incident are currently pending.[xyz-ihs snippet=”Adsense-responsive”]