Anchorage Woman Charged with 11 Counts after being Reported going through Mailboxes


An Anchorage woman was arrested on various crimes after an alert person on West 36th reported to the Anchorage Police Department that they had seen the woman rifling through mailboxes and stealing mail. The citizen gave an accurate description of the suspect that greatly aided in her apprehension a short time later.

APD patrol officers responded to West 36th and Oregon Street and found the suspect that they identified as 40-year-old Dusty Starr. When contacted, Starr was wearing several sweatshirts with the tags still attached. Police would also find that she “had multiple pieces of mail, which belonged to other people, and two purses in her possession,” APD reported on Nixle.

When police searched Starr’s bags, they found checks that she had forged and made payable to herself.

As a result, Starr was charged with Theft IV x5, Theft II x3, and Forgery III x3.

Following her arrest, Starr was transported to the Anchorage Correctional Center and held without bail.

APD stated that the quick actions by the citizen likely saved several other persons from becoming victims of fraud.