APD Arrest Chilly Taco Bell Armed Robbery Suspect

Robbery area. Image-Google Maps
Robbery area. Image-Google Maps

Patrol officers tracked and arrested an armed robbery suspect near Piper Street and Providence Drive on Tuesday after a Taco Bell robbery that occurred at 10:22 am yesterday, APD reported.

The 911 call-in to police reported that a “suspect had walked into the business,” at 2640 East Tudor Road, and declaring he was armed demanded money from the employee. After robbing the fast food establishment, the suspect, clad in a black hooded jacket, and a black towel covering his face, fled the scene.

As patrol officers opened a preliminary investigation at the robbery scene, APD dispatch received a call reporting a suspicious person in the area of Wright Street and Kimberlie Court. The caller reported that the suspicious person was taking off portions of his clothing and burying it in the snow.

By the time that officers could get to the scene, the suspect had already left the area. But, APD would find the clothing left behind in the snow. These items matched those described by the robbery victims. Even though the suspect had left the scene, he left behind his tracks. Officers followed those tracks to the area of Piper Street and Providence Drive. There, they spotted a person who was not dressed for the snowy weather, and so, stopped and questioned him. [xyz-ihs snippet=”Adsense-responsive”]As a result of the contact, 34-year-old Gerald Spies was arrested on charges that may include Robbery I. He was remanded to the Anchorage Jail.