Armed Suspect Taken Down with Taser by Kiana VPSO

rural trooperAlaska state troopers on Tuesday, reported that at 10:30 pm on Thursday, May 28, the Northwest Arctic Borough Village Public Safety Officer in Kiana, responded to a call requesting that 40-year-old Godfrey Tuckfield be removed from a residence.

While at the scene, the VPSO observed that a family member had a bloodied shirt from being struck in the nose by Tuckfield.

Tuckfield had barricaded himself in a bedroom and refused to come out. The VPSO gained entry by forcing his way through the door of the room. When he did so, the VPSO found himself confronted by Tuckfield, who was aiming at handgun at the VPSO, and had a stun gun in the other hand. The VPSO responded by deploying his taser and taking down Tuckfield. Tuckfield was arrested without further incident.

An investigation into Tuckfield’s background would find that he had “at least two prior assault convictions, Assault III on a Peace Officer, and MIW III- Felon In Possession of a Concealable Firearm,” troopers report.

Tuckfield was transported to the Kotzebue Regional Jail by Alaska State troopers. He was remanded there on charges of Assault III (Class C Felony) x2, Assault IV, and Misconduct Involving Weapons III (Class C Felony)