AST Retrieve Remains of Missing Snow Machiner Tuesday

AST chopper, HELO-3. Image-AST file photo
AST chopper, HELO-3. Image-AST file photo

An Anchorage man was reported missing after he failed to return from a trip to his cabin in the Skwentna area on Monday.

66-year-old Danny Maroney had set out on what was to be a day-long snow machine trip to the Skwentna area early Monday morning. He was slated to return back home to Anchorage that night. He never arrived, and at 11:14 am on Tuesday, a caller reported him missing in the Deshka Landing area to troopers.

After the report, HELO-3 was dispatched from Anchorage to conduct an aerial search for the missing man. Less than two hours later, the AST chopper spotted a stationary snow machine and rider near the confluence of the Yentna and Susitna Rivers.

State Troopers found upon closer inspection, that the rider was deceased. ASTG positively identified the remains as those of Maroney. HELO-3 recovered the remains and transported them to Wasilla. 

The State Medical Examiner’s office in Anchorage was notified and they responded to take possession of Maroney’s remains for autopsy.

Although the incident was reported as an accident by the trooper dispatch, the exact details have yet to be revealed.

Maroney’s next-of-kin were notified of the incident in the on-going investigation.[xyz-ihs snippet=”Adsense-responsive”]