ATV Crash Injures Driver and Passenger in Kasilof Rollover Sunday Morning

Two Riders were seriously injured in an ATV rollover in the Kasilof area early Sunday morning troopers report.

Troopers and Central Emergency Services responded to Coho Loop in Kasilof at 1:35 am to find that both the driver and the passenger in an ATV side-by-side rollover had suffered injuries. The passenger had suffered severe injuries to her face. As a result, both the passenger and the driver, identified as 33-year-old Cody Brown of Wasilla, were transported to the Central Peninsula Hospital for treatment.

The investigation at the scene found that Brown had been operating the ATV under the influence. As a result, Brown, following his release from the hospital, was arrested on charges of DUI, Assault I, and reckless driving.

He was transported to Kenai and remanded to the Wildwood Pretrial Facility.