Bicyclist near Cantwell Reports Wednesday Bear Attack

Cantwell-based Alaska Wildlife Troopers reported on Thursday that they were notified of a possible bear mauling that occurred at approximately 9:30 am on Wednesday.

The victim reported that as he was riding along the Jack River near the Nenana River on his bicycle approximately 400 yards from the Parks highway he spotted a lone bruin running towards him. In response, the victim says he jumped off of his bike and began yelling at the bear. When that got no response, just prior to contact the victim dropped to the ground and covered his head.

The victim believes he kicked at the approximately 500 pound bear and in return, the bear bit him on his lower right leg then retreated back in the same direction that he came from.

After the attack, the victim walked to the highway and called for a ride. He sought medical attention for the bite from the Healy Medical Clinic.

The victim reported that he did not notice anything unusual prior to the encounter other than bear tracks in the snow. He told troopers that even though he had a firearm with him he did not discharge it.