Caller Holding Suspects has Firearm Taken from Him and Held at Gunpoint, Suspects Escape

Alaska State Troopers are seeking two suspects in the Chickaloon area on charges of Burglary, Assault, Robbery, and Theft charges after an extended incident spanning two locations on Wednesday morning, troopers revealed.

Troopers received a report of a burglary and vehicle theft in Chickaloon at 10:52 am on Wednesday followed by another report from a separate caller that the stolen vehicle had been located.

The second caller reported that the vehicle was located on his property and that two individuals had returned to the scene.

The complainant said that he confronted the two suspects, and with a handgun, held them at gunpoint. But, one of the suspects pulled a semiautomatic on the complainant and a fight broke out.

The complainant reported that he removed the magazine from his firearm and that during the fight, one round was fired. That discharge did not hit anyone.

The firearm was wrestled away from the caller and consequently pointed at him as the two suspects escaped in the stolen vehicle with his handgun, troopers report.

Troopers state that the two suspects remain at large and troopers are asking the public for any information in the crime to contact CrimeStoppers at 907-745-3333.