Carjacking Results in Barricade Incident after Shots-Fired near Carroll Place

Anchorage police took seven people, five men, and two women into custody after a barricade incident subsequent to a police response to a shots-fired incident while investigating a car-jacking in the area of East 26th and Carroll Place on Saturday.

The case began at 8:15 am on Saturday when police responded to a car-jacking after it was reported that a female was getting into a purple 2013 Kia Optima when she was shoved by a suspect and her vehicle was stolen by an unarmed assailant on the 4100-block of DeBarr Road.

Two and a half hours later, the stolen vehicle was located abandoned in the East 26th area one block east of Boniface Parkway.

While conducting that investigation, shots were heard in the area around 2 pm. Police checked out that incident and found that no one was injured, but several people were holed up in an apartment building ignoring commands and refusing to exit the building. Police believed that individuals involved in the car-jacking were among those in the building.

All lanes of traffic were closed down in the immediate area.

The suspects continued to ignore commands to exit and a crises team and K-9 unit were called in to the location on the 5200-block of East 26th. As the barricade incident continued into late afternoon, the two females exited the building but the five remaining men ignored commands to give up.

At approximately 6:30 pm, SWAT was called in and upon their arrival took command.

The men in the building refused to exit for almost three hours more, but eventually gave themselves up around 9 pm. The men were taken into custody and the perimeter was taken down and the roadways re-opened.

Questioning continued through the evening and as a result five of the seven individuals were arrested. A male and female were released without charges.

Police identified the  five remaining in custody as:

  1. Keith Tracey (38-years old). He faces a charge of Resist Arrest by Hiding/Barricading. He was also arrested on an outstanding warrant.
  2. Eti Sevetasimale (31-years-old). He was arrested on three outstanding warrants.
  3. Isaiah Hank (19-years-old). He faces charges of Theft 2, Criminal Trespass and Violate Condition of Release for Felony. He was also arrested on an outstanding warrant.
  4. Merandarae Sheakley (22-years-old).  She faces a charge of Resist Arrest by Hiding/Barricading. She was also arrested on an outstanding warrant.
  5. Steavin Martin (32-years-old). He was arrested on two outstanding warrants. He was also issued two citations for Fail to Appear.

All were remanded to the Anchorage Jail.

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