Cessna Flips on Big Lake Saturday Night, No Injuries

Reports of an aircraft crash on Big Lake went in to the Alaska State Troopers on Saturday the troopers reported on Sunday.

According to the report, 66-year-old Austin Joy of Big Lake flipped his Cessna Skywagon on the lake on Saturday evening after making a landing at the alternate spot on the lake at just after 6 pm.

Joy had intended to land his aircraft at an airstrip near his home at the lake, but landing lights failure forced him to seek an alternate landing site. Joy chose to attempt to put his Cessna down on the ice road at the lake in the darkness. He chose the ice road as it was wider and “easier to see in the dark,” troopers reported.

But, as Joy touched down on the frozen lake, his landing gear hit the snow berm and caused his aircraft to flip over on its back.

Both Joy and his passenger were able to exit the flipped aircraft without injuries.

Recovery efforts were undertaken soon after the crash.