Citizens Assist K9 Unit in Apprehension of Suspect in South Anchorage

Anchorage police responded to a disturbance involving a weapon midafternoon on Monday on East 88th Avenue to open an investigation into the incident, APD reported.

According to the report, 21-year-old Tre’Donnis R. Washington got into an argument with his girlfriend that resulted in her calling her brother for a ride. This angered Washington, who took her phone from her and throwing it against the wall. Washington’s victim left the home and Washington followed her outside, then grabbed and “pushed her up against the building, put his hand around her throat, and began yelling at her,” according to APD reporting.

When the victim’s brother arrived at the scene with a firearm, he handed the firearm to his sister then got into a fight with her boyfriend. During that altercation, Washington broke a window, the victim’s brother’s phone and kicked the brother’s car several times causing damage.

When officers arrived, they spoke to the initial victim, her brother and additional witnesses outside. They found that Washington had gone back into the residence. As they talked, police were informed that Washington had just jumped out a window and fled the scene.

Additional officers, including a K9 unit, were called in and a perimeter was set up. Because of the close proximity to the  Chinook Elementary went on lockdown at 3:50 pm, which lasted 20 minutes.

The K9 unit tracked Washington to the 8900-block of Blackberry Street with several citizens keeping officers alerted to his location, where he was successfully taken into custody.

Washington was remanded to the Anchorage Jail on two existing warrant, one each felony and misdemeanor, Resisting, Criminal Mischief III, and Assault II.

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