Cordova Center Escapee Re-Arrested after Chase to Ashwood near Polaris School

33-year-old Kyle Andrews. Image-APD
33-year-old Kyle Andrews. Image-APD

Anchorage police responded to the Dowling and Lake Otis Parkway area on Friday after receiving a report of a “suspicious person behaving erratically” at that location.

When patrol officers responded to the area at 10:50 am on Friday, they located the subject near the roundabout at Dowling and the Seward Highway, who immediately fled into a construction area. In the constuction site, the suspect entered a construction vehicle that he used to flee further. 

Patrol officers pursued the suspect, later identified as Kyle Andrews, to 64th and Ashwood Street, and used their vehicles to attempt to block Andrews in. But, Andrews navigated the stolen vehicle into a “shallow Marsh area,” where the vehicle pursuit ended.

The Polaris K-12 School, located in the immediate vicinity was put into “stay-put” mode as police worked on ending the incident.

Andrews continued to act erratically and ignore commands to give up and as a result, tasers were deployed. He was successfully taken into custody.

APD believes that intoxication played a factor in the incident.

Once identified, it was found that Andrews had escaped from the Cordova Center where he was housed for an Assault conviction and Violating Conditions of Release and had an escape warrant issued for his arrest. 

In addition to his escape warrant, Andrews was additionally charged with Vehicle Theft I, Criminal Mischief, and Resisting Arrest. APD reports that additional charges are pending.