Couple in Fred Meyer Shots Fired Incident Indicted for Attempted Murder

Anchorage's Muldoon Fred Meyers parking lot. Image-Google Maps
Anchorage’s Muldoon Fred Meyers parking lot. Image-Google Maps

A grand jury in Anchorage indicted an Anchorage couple on charges of Attempted Murder I, Attempted Assault I, and Assault III x4 on Thursday following a January 11th incident inside of Fred Meyers on Muldoon, APD announced today.

It was on that date that the two indictees, identified as 20-year-old Eric Lee and 18-year-old Linda McGrew, while in a self-checkout line at the store, and in full view of a surveillance camera, began the sequence of events that resulted in the charges. 

While in the checkout line, three men came into the store and got in line at the Alaska USA Federal Credit Union behind another customer at the in-store bank. Seeing the three men, McGrew, who was holding her toddler, gave her purse to Lee, who proceeded to take out a handgun and walk towards the men, and when he reached the entrance to the bank, fired at one of the men. All the while, the store’s camera picked up the action.[xyz-ihs snippet=”adsense-body-ad”]When Lee fired at the man in the bank, McGrew quickly left the store with the toddler.

Lee did not hit his intended target and the round impacted a wall in the bank. After firing the shot, Lee exited behind his girlfriend.

When APD arrived, the collected one spent 9mm cartridge from the scene as well as the bullet from the wall.

Besides the surveillance camera imagery, witnesses at the scene gave further details including a description of their vehicle. Approximately a week later an anonymous caller contacted APD and identified the couple, but, before they could be arrested, the two suspects had temporarily left the state, only to be taken into custody on March 1 on warrants issued in the case upon their return.

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If convicted at trial, the charge of Attempted Murder I carries a sentence of up to 99 years.

Both McGrew and Lee have both been arraigned and are currently in custody with trial dates set for May 29th.