Crooked Creek Man Jailed on Attempted Murder Charges

rural trooperA Crooked Creek man was arrested after an incident along the riverbank near Crooked Creek and charged with Attempted Murder I, three counts of Assault III, three counts of Reckless Endangerment, and Misconduct Involving Weapons on Wednesday.

It was at 3:16 pm on July 1st that Aniak-based troopers received a report that 30-year-old Moses Alfred John “was actively shooting at adults and children down on the riverbank by the fish cutting area” at Crooked Creek, according to the trooper dispatch.

Troopers were also advised that John was inebriated and had attempted to assault to adults with knives an hour earlier.

Troopers responded to the community and began their investigation. They would find that John, armed with aa 30-30 caliber rifle, had been shooting towards three adults and three children that were at the fish cutting area.

When questioned, John told troopers that “he was attempting to kill one of the adults” that he had earlier assaulted with knives.

John was arrested on the above mentioned charges and taken to Bethel where he was remanded without bail.

John remained in custody at his arraignment on the same day. His next court date is on July 13.