DEA, SDEU, and Special Crimes Carry out $20,000 Arrest Warrant on West 32nd Address

Alaska State Troopers reported today on the trooper dispatch that Special Crimes investigators, the Statewide Drug Enforcement Unit, and DEA special agents carried out a warrant at a residence on West 32nd Avenue in connection with a failure to comply in a 2006 case.

Investigators with the agencies went to that address and served a $20,000 arrest warrant on 33-year-old Dennis Medina Failure to Comply with Conditions from a 2006 case of Conspiracy to Commit Kidnapping.

Medina was captured by U.S. Marshals and APD homicide detectives in February of 2006 in that May 2005 Murder/Kidnapping case involving the death of Omar Ducasse. Court records show he was one of five defendants. He was arrested on charges of Hindering Prosecution, two counts of kidnapping, Murder II, and Tampering with Physical Evidence. 

In December of 2006, Medina had all but one count of Kidnapping dismissed in a plea agreement. Since that time, in that case, prosecutors have petitioned to revoke his probation eight times.

Medina was again arrested in September of 2013 on Drug Possession charges and Violating his Conditions of Release, he  pleaded guilty to the drug charge in May of 2014 and the Release Violation was dismissed.

While the action carried out DEA, SDEU and Special Crimes this morning landed Medina in Anchorage Jail today on the $20,000 warrant, investigators have yet to divulge other charges, if any.

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