Diver Dies During Kodiak’s Commercial Cucumber Dive Season

diving fatalityThe Kodiak Island-based Alaska State Troopers revealed on Wednesday that they had been notified of a diving fatality that had been brought to the Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center on Sunday.

It was at 1:36 pm on Sunday that it was reported to troopers that diver, 36-year-old Gary Graves was medevaced from the fishing vessel Momo and Maddie by the U.S. Coast Guard and brought to the PKIMC emergency room, where he was pronounced deceased.

Graves had been taking part in the Commercial Sea Cucumber Dive Fishery on the island. The vessel had been working the waters near Port Hobron, six miles away from the community of Old Harbor, when the incident occurred.

The State Medical Examiner’s office in Anchorage was notified of Grave’s death and that office requested his remains for autopsy.

Grave’s next of kin were notified of his death.

The investigation into the fatality is continuing.

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