Duben Avenue Domestic Violence Stabbing now Homicide Investigation after Victim Dies, APD Reports


Anchorage police say that a stabbing incident that occurred on the 8400-block of Duben Avenue on Wednesday evening has now been upgraded to a homicide investigation after the victim, whose identity has yet to revealed, died in a local hospital.

APD responded to the scene at 7:05 pm on Wednesday in reference to a stabbing that occurred there and located the victim, who had suffered a stab wound to his upper body. After the victim was transported to the hospital with life-threatening injuries, the scene was processed and one suspect, a 35-year-old female was taken to the department for questioning.

Investigators say that a domestic dispute broke out with the victim and Maisha Douglas, and soon, she stabbed the victim and fled the scene. She would later return and was subsequently taken in questioning, then jailed on outstanding warrants.

APD has not yet revealed any charges against Douglas and no court date has been published in the incident.