Emmonak Troopers Take Armed Man into Custody

Troopers say that an ax and rifle wielding Emmonak man was arrested on assault and  weapons charges on Monday in that community.

Troopers in Emmonak responded to a residence in that community after receiving a report of a man with an ax threatening people. When troopers responded to the scene, they found a man they identified as 25-year-old Gunner Gregory, armed with a rifle. Troopers were able to coax Gregory into dropping the rifle.

The investigation at the scene, found that an inebriated Gregory gott into a fight with another man at Gregory’s residence, then threatened the man with an ax outside the residence. After that, Gregory armed himself with a rifle.

He was placed under arrest on Assault III and Misconduct Involving Weapons IV charges.

Gregory was jailed at the  Emmonak Police Department to await arraignment.