Ernest Butler Convicted for Assaulting Mother of his Children in April


38-year-old Ernest W. Butler. Image-State of Alaska
38-year-old Ernest W. Butler. Image-State of Alaska

The Attorney General’s office revealed that at trial, the jury found 38-year-old Ernest W. Butler of burglary, assault, and criminal mischief charges for an April 2019 incident where he terrorized the mother of his children before fleeing the scene.

Butler faces a maximum of 26 years for the multiple convictions.

According to evidence at trial it was on April 25th of 2019 that Butler broke down the door of the apartment belonging to his victim, who is the mother of his two children, before assaulting her. In the assault, Butler throttled her with one hand while pressing his other over her mouth and nose preventing her from breathing. After the act, he fled the scene.

Butler was convicted of Burglary I, Assault II, Assault III (reoffender) and Criminal Mischief.

The Attorney General’s office says that Butler is currently in custody of the Department of Corrections and will remain so until his sentencing scheduled for June 2nd in Superior Court.