Evading Fairbanks Vehicle Theft Suspect Tracked by K9 Scout after Accident

On Wednesday afternoon troopers received a report of a vehicle driving erratically and ultimately crashing into a ditch in the Chena Pump area.

The call, that came in at 12:21 pm on Wednesday, also described the suspect and reported that the driver fled the scene on foot after crashing.

Upon arrival, troopers determined that the vehicle in the ditch matched the vehicle that was stolen in Fairbanks,  AST also ascertained that the description of the driver matched the suspect in that theft, identified as 32-year-old Marthaann Arabie.

Arabie, also had three outstanding warrants for her arrest. unrelated to the previous vehicle theft of the vehicle.

A K9 track utilizing Seward-based K9 ‘Scout’ was initiated and tracked Arabie to a nearby residence. The residents there admitted that Arabie was inside, but she refused to give herself up to officers. When contacted, she “actively struggled” to evade arrest. K9 Scout was used to take Arabie into custody.

The suspect was taken to the Fairbanks Correctional Center and remanded on the outstanding warrants. The Fairbanks Police Department was notified of Arabie’s arrest and so additional charges pertaining to the vehicle theft are pending.