Fairbanks DUI Driver in Stolen Vehicle Arrested after Bouncing off Snow Berms and Colliding with Pickup


During the early morning of Monday, at 7:40 am, AST received a request from Fairbanks police for assistance apprehending the driver of a stolen vehicle near Davis Road on University Avenue. Fairbanks police told troopers that the vehicle had hit several snow berms in the parking lot of Sophia’s station prior to entering the roadway, where the driver began spinning “doughnuts” with no lights on.

Troopers would locate the stolen vehicle as it turned on Davis Avenue from University Avenue then bouncing off of a snow berm. Then the vehicle sped off reaching speeds of 60 mph before skidding out of control and hitting another snow berm. The driver took off eastbound on Davis Road to Peger Road, still running into snow berms and also veering into traffic.

The driver almost hit a trooper deploying spike strips in the roadway. The trooper narrowly escaped getting hit and the spike strips were successful in deflating all four tires of the eluding vehicle. With all tires flat, the vehicle then ran through a red light at the intersection of Davis and Peger and collided with a Ford pickup traveling south. The impact pushed the stolen vehicle into the northbound lane and into traffic.

Before any further collisions, the vehicle made a U-turn and ran into a final snow berm where it finally came to a stop.

The driver, later identified as Fairbanks resident 23-year-old Maxine Louise Stearman fought with troopers as they worked to restrain her. After being taken into custody, Stearman was taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries sustained in the repeated collisions but would assault a nurse there administering aid.

A sample of blood alcohol content was taken by breath test and showed a level over twice the limit.

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After release from the hospital, Stearman was transported to the Fairbanks Correctional Center, where she was remanded on charges of Felony Elude Evade, Vehicle Theft I, Assault III x 2, Assault IV  x 2, DUI, Hit-and-Run, MVC, and Resisting Arrest.

The driver of the Ford F-350 suffered no injuries in the collision.