Fairbanks Man Arrested for Attempted Murder Following September 11th Incident

attempted-murderA Fairbanks man, 22-year-old Brandon Ely, has been charged with Attempted Murder and Assault following an incident that took place on the highway to Nenana on September 11th.

According to the report, on September 11th, 18-year-old Conan Storm of Fairbanks was traveling to Nenana with several other people when a female passenger in the vehicle asked that Storm stop the vehicle because her boyfriend was following them on the highway.

Storm brought the vehicle to a stop and Ely exited his vehicle and approached Stormn’s vehicle. When Ely got to Storm’s vehicle, he drew a pistol and pointed it at Storm’s head and threatened to kill him, the trooper dispatch reported.

As a result of the incident and ensuing investigation, Ely was arrested on Attempted Murder and Assault charges at 11:30 am on Thursday morning.[xyz-ihs snippet=”Adsense-responsive”]