Fairbanks Man Blocked from Driving Wrong Way on Mitchell Expressway, Charged with DUI

On Thursday morning, DOT reported a REDDI to AST in Fairbanks.

According to the report posted on the trooper dispatch, “Two State of Alaska DOT workers that were operating road graters came into contact with a truck driving the wrong way on the off-ramp from the Mitchell Expressway, near Peger Rd.”

One of the grader operators got out of his equip,emt and spoke to the driver of the vehicle, later identified as 70-year-old James Galley, and noticed the odor of alcohol.

The operators took step to block Galley from continuing down the wrong way on the expressway. Galley would run into a grader twice during the confrontation causing minimal damage to his truck.

Upon receiving the report, troopers responded to the scene. Their investigation at the scene confirmed that Galley was driving under the influence. He was placed under arrest for DUI and transported to the Fairbanks Correctional Center where he was remanded for the DUI charge as well as Driving While Llicense Revoked and Providing False Information. No bail was set.[xyz-ihs snippet=”Adsense-responsive”]